The Thyroid Fat Loss Summit Expert Interview Series will help you master your metabolic formula to restore your thyroid wellness, live lean & work out less.

You’ll be spending the upcoming days with us as your Co-hosts while we interview the 22 Thyroid & Metabolism Experts below to crack the metabolic code to your lifetime-best natural wellness and fat loss, reclaim your body, and break free from chronic dieting & over-exercising forever.

When I sat down to write this welcome to our summit, I started writing about all the fantastic content, but I struggled, as it didn’t come from my heart.

See, I’ve lived to the edge of life in my body and back because of my own battle with Hashimoto’s disease, autoimmune illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, pancreatic toxicity, candida and partial Lupus… I know every emotion, fear, frustration of what living with a very advanced thyroid and autoimmune disease feels like.


I know how it eventually stops your life, work and relationships dead in their tracks. I’ve lived through how it can threaten your physical existence, steal your spirit and joy, and I’ve stared it dead in the face & won my body back, drug & Synthroid-free, from this elusive, isolating illness.

For 15+ years before I became ill, we were professionally involved in competitive athletics, fitness, advanced natural fat loss, nutrition, psychology, wellness and even pharmacy, working alongside and mentoring with the most well-regarded PhD’s in nutrition & exercise physiology, and Pro/Olympic coaches throughout the world.

Yet, I still fell in my early 30’s to a life-threatening thyroid and autoimmune illness after chronic stress from my high-pressure marketing agency job, family death, a corporate buyout, an IRS audit, a relocation, living in an agri-biz area breathing in pesticides & newly married life overcame my body.

Strange health symptoms took over my days – skin issues, fatigue, exhaustion, forgetfulness, malaise, hair loss, no sex drive, allergies, weight gain, inflammation, no motivation to exercise – not like me at all.

As doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed me, misread my labs, didn’t listen to me, told me nothing was wrong, I just had allergies (when my eyes were swollen shut with eczema all over them), my thyroid markers were in “normal” range, all the while my symptoms and fatigue worsened into flare ups that became so strong I began to fear for my life.

We invested the next 2+ years and over $40,000 traveling around the country seeking solutions, working with variety of practitioners, and returning to school to become a Functional Nutritionist to piece all the answers together to restoring my health. Then I returned to compete naturally at the US national level as a NPC figure bodybuilding athlete.

What we discovered on the path was just incredible to us…

  • Not only can you heal your thyroid and autoimmune dis-ease naturally,
  • But, when you truly heal your dis-ease, EVERYTHING heals… your headaches, allergies, cold sores, yeast infections, lactose intolerance, athlete’s foot, all gone FOREVER, as we both personally experienced,
  • And, when you focus on restoring your internal individual wellness, vs. worrying about over exercising, weight, or generalized nutrition approaches, natural fat loss comes to you with ease

Listen, sister, I know how bad it sucks …
(but there is a gift on the other side for you),

I know how isolating it feels to try and hold it altogether and not let on to your friends, employer, family or husband that you feel like sh*t, that you need rest, and are genuinely concerned… (but your perfectionist tendencies aren’t helping you; let them go),

I know you don’t want to admit your body is unwell or that you need more help (but you truly need to),

I know what it feels like to hide from the world because you’re embarrassed by what you’re physically beginning to look like, (but that isn’t loving & healing for your body),

I know what it’s like to feel livid and exhausted and like sobbing all at the same time because no doctor you’ve seen makes any freakin’ sense… (but the reason we bump into walls is because the universe is trying to tell us to go in a new direction),

And, I know how much you miss yourself. I know. But, I also want you to know there is HOPE.

I want you to know there are 7 women in our summit (6 speakers & 1 co-host) who all self-healed their thyroid and autoimmune disease, and are practitioners today.

I want you to know we’ve come a long way in the last 9 years. There was no social media or online restoration programs when I was fighting this battle in my body. There is no better time to take on your thyroid & autoimmune dis-ease and WIN.

I want you to know that your thyroid and autoimmune disease can be the greatest gift of your lifetime if you don’t miss the message it has for you. That it’s actually the DOORWAY to your lifetime best wellness and metabolism.

This is why we have created The Thyroid Fat Loss Summit to give to you.

Spend 11 days with us so we, & our experts can show you the way. All our speaker interviews will be made available for your free viewing for 48 hours and each day our speakers have a FREE GIFT to give you (see below)!.

Here are just a few of the topics we’re covering:

  • bacterial balance & leaky gut
  • regenerative healing
  • individualizing your fitness around your natural cycle
  • negotiating lab testing
  • hormonal fat loss
  • birth control consideration
  • environmental toxins
  • endocrine disruptors
  • functional nutrition
  • mindset & spirituality of thyroid and autoimmune healing
  • why gluten-free & paleo won’t fix your symptoms
  • how this all ties into natural fat loss, and more!

We’ll see you on the summit!

In restoration,

Your Co-Hosts
Co-Founders, e3 Energy Evolved

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Meet Your Thyroid Fat Loss Summit
Expert Speakers


Beating Thyroid & Metabolic Disorders: The Importance of Practitioner Mentoring & Coaching

Dr. John Berardi, PhD, CSCS

John Berardi, PhD, CSCS is a founder of Precision Nutrition and is an advisor to Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist. He has columns on and The Huffington And was recently selected as one of the 20 smartest fitness professionals in the world. To date, Dr. Berardi and his Precision Nutrition team have coached over 30,000 clients through their renowned Precision Nutrition men’s and women’s coaching programs.

Dr. Berardi will be covering:

  • JB’s theory that changes in hormones as we age might be a good thing, and why
  • Why fitness goers, athletes & trainers end up in thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic imbalance
  • Psychneuroimmunology: perceived stress in fatigue, metabolic & stress-related disorders
  • Why the quick fix doesn’t work – Slow & patient progression is better than quick progression

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Key Macro & Micro-nutrient Concepts: Paleo, Ancestral Diets, Nutrient Absorption & Practitioner-Grade Supplements

Esther Blum, MS, RD, CNS

Esther Blum is an Integrative Dietitian and bestselling author of Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous, Secrets of Gorgeous, and The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project.

Widely respected as an industry expert, Esther was voted Best Nutritionist by Manhattan Magazine. She has appeared on Dr. Oz, the Today Show, A Healthy You with Carol Alt, the ISAAC show, ABC-TV, FOX- 5’s Good Day NY, and Fox News Live. Esther is an in-demand authority frequently quoted in E!Online, In Touch, Time Magazine, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, In Style, Bazaar, Self, Fitness, Marie Claire, and Cosmo.

Esther received a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Simmons College in Boston and is a graduate of New York University, where she received her Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition. Esther is credentialed as a registered dietitian, a certified dietitian-nutritionist and a certified nutrition specialist (CNS), a license of the American College of Nutrition (ACN)’s certifying arm, the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS). She is also a member of the American Dietetic Association, Dietitians in Functional Medicine, Nutritionists in Complementary Care, and the Connecticut Dietetic Association.

Esther will be covering:

  • Individualizing your nutrition & supplementation from metabolic imbalance to healing crisis
  • Leaky Gut: The connection to thyroid & autoimmunity
  • Why consumer vs. practitioner-grade supplements are different
  • Why “going Paleo” still isn’t solving your symptoms or fixing your weight

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The Goldilocks Principle: Finding Your Unique Bodies Nutrition, Movement & Recovery Solution so it’s “Just Right”

Dr. Jade Teta, ND

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician specializing in natural health, fitness and body transformation. He is the co-author of The Metabolic Effect Diet & Lose Weight Here. He earned a BS in biochemistry from North Carolina State University then followed that with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Teta has worked in the fitness and weight loss fields for over 25 years, and is the developer of the rest-based training system for personal training and group exercise. He is also the co-founder of the international health, fitness and weight loss company, Metabolic Effect. His background in natural medicine, along with his fitness expertise, has defined his healthcare specialties of hormonal weight loss and functional medicine approaches to chronic disease.

Dr. Teta is a contributing author to The Text of Natural Medicine, the leading natural medical textbook in doctors’ offices and medical schools around the country. He writes and lectures extensively on the subjects of lifestyle medicine, natural health, fitness and weight loss to both healthcare professionals and the public. He has been a contributing expert on Huffington Post, T-Nation, Lifetime TV, Fox News, Onfitness magazine, Prevention, NPR, Women’s Health, Oxygen and Delicious.

Dr. Teta will be covering:

  • Forms of metabolic damage that lead to weight gain & thyroid disorders
  • Bio-individualization: Why all thyroid disease should not be labeled the same
  • Jade’s 3-2-1 Formula to improving thyroid function and fat loss
  • The laws of psychic entropy

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Nutrition 2.0: What if Everything You’ve Been Taught About Food Is Wrong? (And, What’s RIGHT)

Jonathan Bailor, CPT

Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized wellness expert who specializes in using modern science and technology to simplify health. Bailor has collaborated with top scientists for more than 10 years to analyze and apply over 1,300 studies. His work has been endorsed by top doctors and scientists from Harvard Medical School, Johns’ Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA.

Bailor is the founder of and serves as the CEO for the wellness technology company Yopti®. He authored the New York Times and USA Today bestselling book The Calorie Myth, hosts a popular syndicated health radio show The SANE Show, and blogs on The Huffington Post. Additionally, Bailor has registered over 25 patents, spoken at Fortune 100 companies and TED conferences for over a decade, and served as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft where he helped create Nike+ Kinect Training and XBox Fitness.”

Jonathan will be covering:

  • The science of energy balance & metabolic efficiency
  • When diets & exercise stop working and why
  • Why choosing a lifestyle of “dieting” is an equation for metabolic imbalance
  • “Cheat meals” – helpful or harmful?

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The Gluten Reality: Gluten’s Cascading Effect on Thyroid, Autoimmune & Metabolic Function

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Autoimmune Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines. He is the founder of He is the visionary behind the paradigm-shifting ‘The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth’, bringing together 29 of the world’s experts on the Gluten connection to diseases, disorders, a wide-range of symptoms and ages.

Dr. O’Bryan will be covering:

  • Gluten-Free, leaky gut, food sensitivities & why most lab tests miss markers for thyroid & autoimmune illness
  • Glutens connection to leaky gut & other digestive health imbalances
  • Why eating your “healthy whole grains” may lead to your thyroid disease
  • The damage is done: Why going “gluten free” isn’t solving your symptoms or fixing your weight

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The Hormonal Battle: Hidden Environmental & Lifestyle Factors Causing Thyroid & Metabolic Imbalance

Magdalena Wszelaki, CHHC

Magdalena Wszelaki is the founder of Hormones Balance, a nutrition coaching practice dedicated to helping women to rebalance their hormones with nutritional and lifestyle changes. Magdalena is a certified nutrition coach, speaker, educator and chef with a long history of hormonal challenges which resulted from a highly stressful life in advertising – starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance. Today she is in full remission, lives a symptoms-free awesome life and teaches woman how to accomplish the same in her various online coaching programs.

Magdalena will be covering:

  • Estrogen dominance, endocrine disruptors & birth control related to thyroid disorders
  • The truth about goitrogenic veggies and why you may not want to avoid them when you have a thyroid disorder
  • Simple ways to naturally balance your hormones through tasty foods
  • Common misconceptions & myths about hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s

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Stress & Adaption: Your Thyroid & Metabolism’s Friend or Enemy?

Dr. Corey Schuler, MS, DC, CNS

Dr. Corey Schuler is in private practice in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. He is a licensed nutritionist, board-certified nutrition specialist, chiropractic physician and a fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Additionally, he serves on advisory boards for the nutrition industry and founded a medical communications firm. He teaches for graduate programs in clinical nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health and New York Chiropractic College.

He earned an undergraduate degree from Valparaiso University, an MS in human nutrition from University of Bridgeport and a DC from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Dr. Schuler will be covering:

  • Understanding good & bad forms of stress: physical, mental, emotional
  • Today’s hidden forms of stress affecting your thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic health
  • Finding the key “stress & adaption balance” for your bodies wellness & weight loss
  • Mind-body considerations of “stress” we often overlook

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Self-Healing Your Thyroid & Autoimmune Illness By Discovering Your Bodies Unique Story

Michelle Corey, CNWC

Michelle is a Chronic Illness Recovery Expert, Functional Medical Nutritionist, researcher and author. Michelle studied holistic nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health and completed a comprehensive 2-year practical hands-on, program at Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.

Since reversing her autoimmune condition, Michelle has helped hundreds of people reverse autoimmune and other chronic conditions. She is the author of the International Best Selling book, The Thyroid Cure, which is currently the most comprehensive and well-researched book written to date on the topic of autoimmune disease, and how to heal naturally.

She is currently an advisor to the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics and the Functional Medical University. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. Michelle and offers Functional Mind-Body healing retreats, workshops and online courses. Her vision is to help end the epidemic of chronic illness and help people live empowered and conscious lives.

Michelle will be covering:

  • Have you asked yourself why you’re sick? (your “inner doctor” knows)
  • Uncovering your bodies “story” to unravel your thyroid & autoimmune disease
  • The connection of childhood emotional and physical abuse to autoimmune disease
  • Why everyone’s path to healing looks different

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Resetting Your Fat Switch: Ways to Naturally Rebalance Your Cortisol Rhythm

Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD

Dr. Alan Christianson is an Arizona-based Naturopathic Physician who helps people overcome adrenal and thyroid disorders and achieve lasting fat loss. He authored the New York Times bestselling Adrenal Reset Diet and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease. Dr. Christianson is the founding physician behind Integrative Health.

Dr. Christianson will be covering:

  • Understanding how & why the thyroid is directly connected to adrenal fatigue
  • Easy steps to reclaiming your wellness: Sleep cycles, morning sun, fruit consumption & more
  • What our ancestral past tells you about reversing your thyroid & autoimmune disease
  • Carb timing to balance cortisol rhythm; how your “fight or flight” lifestyle is depleting you

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Balancing Mineral & Nutrient Deficiencies to Naturally Reverse Thyroid & Autoimmune Illness

Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC

Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC is the founder and head writer of She is a functional diagnostic nutritionist and certified holistic health coach in Los Angeles, Ca. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. She is certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing Mineral Power programs for clients to correct their metabolism and body chemistry with customized targeted nutrient therapy. She is currently seeking her masters in clinical nutrition. Look for Wendy’s new book coming soon, The Modern Paleo Survival Guide. Wendy hosts the weekly Live to 110 Video Podcast and the Modern Paleo Cooking show on her Live to 110 Youtube Channel.

Wendy will be covering:

  • Going deeper nutritionally to solve a thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic healing crisis
  • The critical role detoxification & environmental factors play in thyroid & metabolic health
  • What complete thyroid & autoimmunity healing “looks like”; quick fix vs. lifestyle change
  • Infrared sauna therapy to detoxify & regenerate

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Negotiating Lab Testing, Thyroid Medications, Supplements & Glandulars

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP is a pharmacist who has dedicated herself to addressing the root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2009.

She is the author of the New York Times best-selling patient guide “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause” and is an ardent champion of incorporating lifestyle change and functional medicine into the treatment of autoimmune disease.

Izabella will be covering:

  • Making sense of nutraceuticals, glandulars & thyroid medications: When to take what & what is right for my body
  • Common pitfalls of the thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic health lab testing process
  • Mistakes made by doctors and natural practitioners you need to avoid
  • Why thyroid medications may not help you feel better

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The Critical Role of Blood Sugar in Balanced Thyroid & Adrenal Function

Jill Grunewald, CHHC

Jill Grunewald is an Integrative Nutrition and Hormone Coach, founder of Healthful Elements LLC, and author of the Fire Your Thyroid ebook, educational series, and homestudy course.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and after refusing thyroid hormone replacement, taught herself how to successfully manage the condition with whole foods nutrition therapy and targeted lifestyle changes. Her Hashimoto’s has been successfully managed for over six years and she and her team have helped hundreds from around the globe achieve the same life-changing results.

The Healthful Elements team also specializes in adrenal dysfunction, PCOS, fertility challenges, alopecia, and perimenopause/menopause. Jill is co-authoring the upcoming Essential Thyroid Cookbook, due out this year.

Jill will be covering:

  • Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, PCOS, Lupus, Menopause & their connection to adrenal fatigue
  • Circadian rhythms, blood sugar & macro-nutrients
  • The importance of patience, commitment & individualization in self-healing
  • Why if you have one autoimmune condition you likely have multiple

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Root Cause: Why Your Thyroid Disease May Be a Secondary Condition

Reed Davis, FDN, CNT

Reed is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification Course. Reed is known as one of the most successful and experienced clinicians in the world today, having provided functional lab assessments to over 10,000 clients for hormone levels, adrenal function, digestive problems, immune system and detoxification issues as well as testing for infections, infestations, food sensitivities and many related health problems. His system of natural, holistic protocols are now known the world over and have helped thousands of people to regain health.

Reed has served as Health Director and Case Manager at The Better Health & Wellness Center in Poway, California for over 15 years and now teaches a course in functional lab work and holistic lifestyle coaching with over 1500 trainees in 50 countries. He is also a Clinical Advisor at BioHealth Laboratory where he helps clinicians interpret lab test results and develop natural protocols to restore function instead of just treating the symptoms. Reed lives in Southern California teaching the FDN Certification Course and helping FDN Course graduates build robust, private-pay practices.

Reed will be covering:

  • Uncovering the H-I-D-D-E-N stressors that cause dis-ease
  • The liver’s role in thyroid function – why a toxic lifestyle is holding you back
  • Why medications might help to suppress hypothyroid symptoms but will not fix the problem
  • The “good” bacteria that controls 20% of your thyroid hormone

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The Glutathione Effect On Methylation & Thyroid Hormone Production

Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

Michael McEvoy is considered by many of his peers to have achieved a unique and rare level of competency in clinical practice. In addition to gaining experience and insights as a busy clinician, Michael is the creator of 2 nutritional certification programs, each teaching clinicians how to tackle 21st century health challenges. As a full time nutritional consultant, he is often the “go-to practitioner” for complex health situations, and has extensive experience working with a multitude of different health challenges.

Michael’s range of clinical expertise includes: functional lab test analysis, individualized diet and detoxification, genetics and nutrigenomics, traditional and modern herbalism, as well as numerous modalities related to health and alternative medicine.

Michael is the founder and CEO of Metabolic Healing, Inc, where he has authored more than 300 research-oriented web articles for his website

Michael will be covering:

  • Glutathione’s role in balancing thyroid function
  • Oxidative stress: What it is & how it affects your thyroid function
  • The 3 most important factors someone should consider with thyroid & autoimmune disease
  • Reversing thyroid imbalance naturally: Glutathione & T4, T3 conversion

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Digestive Health: Bacterial Balance, Restoring Immune Function & The Master Hormone Leptin

Mike Mutzel, MSc

Mike has an B.S. in Biology from Western Washington University and is completing his M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is a graduate of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s (IFM) Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP). In April of 2014 Mike launched his first book, Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat.

Mike will be covering:

  • Fat loss – The corrective work that needs to be done before the fat is lost
  • The direct link between fat metabolism, gut health & thyroid function
  • The 2nd Brain: Your gut to brain connection & the hormonal imbalance cascade
  • Body fat – the storage site for toxins & immune cells

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Healing Your Hashimoto’s: The Importance of Practical Skills Building & Physiology

Andrea Nakayama, CNC, CNE, CHHC

A functional nutritionist, educator and speaker, Andrea’s passion to redefine the health industry came as a result of a personal family tragedy: her young husband was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor while she was pregnant with their only child. It was in defeating his prognosis of six months and prolonging his life for another two years that Andrea’s expanding interest in food as personalized medicine blossomed and met its first testing ground. That concept has since grown into a thriving clinical practice, as well as guidance for thousands of students worldwide through the programs of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab.

In addition to teaching every week in her programs, Andrea is a co-founder of the Hashimoto’s Institute, on the Board of Directors for the Center for Integral Wisdom, has been featured in O Magazine and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, and has made regular contributions to The Epoch Times.

Andrea will be covering:

  • The Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) – why it very well may not be right for you
  • Making sense of Functional Nutrition & Functional Medicine – how to find a practitioner that has the skills you need
  • Head injuries, the HPA Axis and their connection to Hashimoto’s
  • How to map your ATM’s (Antecedents, Triggers & Mediators) to uncover your personal thyroid & autoimmune healing solution

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Nourishing Thyroid Wellness: Mindset, Self-Care & Speaking Your Truth

Jen Wittman

Jen Wittman, Holistic Health Expert, Author & Coach is the creator of Your BEST Thyroid Life, The Thyroid Fix in 6 & Thyroid Loving Care providing one-of-a-kind, health, happiness & lifestyle transformations. Jen hosts Thyroid Radio and her groundbreaking book, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally teaches readers how to use self-love and self-care to reclaim their lives from thyroid & autoimmune conditions.

Jen has also shared her expertise and tips on maintaining a healthy thyroid & balanced life with such media outlets as Underground Wellness, Bulletproof Radio, NBC Radio, HypothyroidMom, ThyroidChange, Autoimmune Mom, and Thyroid Nation, and her work has been published in Italian and Dutch languages.

Jen has worked with everyone ¬ from celebrities to power professionals to CEOs of the home (aka “Moms”). She brings extra helpings of joy and humor to the table and has degrees in culinary arts, psychology, transformational coaching, nutrition, and Italian.

Jen spent a year honing her cooking skills in Italy and is passionate about food, family, friends, laughter and helping people craft the life of their dreams.

Jen will be covering:

  • The role of mindset, lifestyle & self-care in beating your thyroid & autoimmune condition
  • Why thyroid and autoimmune imbalances are “invisible” forms of dis-ease
  • Making yourself and your self-healing a priority
  • Why thyroid dis-ease is an imbalance between our mind, heart & body, and how living & speaking your truth can restore balance

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Female Fitness 2.0: Using Your Natural Cycle To Re-Program Your Body for Fat Loss

Nardia Norman, BS, CHHC, C.H.E.K.

Nardia is the award winning Australian Personal Trainer of the Year 2014, an Author, International Presenter, and Integrative Fitness Expert. For over 15 years Nardia has played an integral role in the development and education of Personal Trainers in Australia and New Zealand.

She has successfully coached thousands of people to strip body fat, get strong and transform so that they may ultimately live healthier, happier, freer lives.

Nardia is on a mission to bring back common sense in an industry full of hype and BS. Through her speaking engagements and workshops she specifically aims to help women break free from the misguided training and nutrition dogmas that keep them stuck in an unhealthy way of thinking and being, so that they may live life freely.

She also aims to inspire Personal Trainers to create a tidal wave of change in the industry by encouraging a new school of thought and practice that honours a universal, ‘real’ approach to health, wellness and fitness.

A massive red wine fan, foodie, book nerd and professional socialiser Nardia believes in living a passionate, colourful and bold life.

Nardia will be covering:

  • How to bio-Individualize your fitness approach around your menstrual cycle for better natural wellness & fat loss
  • Evolving the fitness industry into the wellness & fat loss challenges of today’s human body: hormonal imbalance, stress & adaption, sleep deprivation, metabolic damage
  • Knowing your clients’ needs and when to refer out
  • The Holistic Approach to Fitness: Mind, Body & Wellness

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Broken Fitness & Sports Nutrition Beliefs That Limit Your Wellness & Metabolism

Molly Galbraith, CSCS

Molly Galbraith is a certified strength and conditioning coach and Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong, a website dedicated to providing women with the best nutrition, training, health, and lifestyle information.
Molly is also Co-Founder of J&M Strength and Conditioning, one of the premiere facilities in the country for training women, although she recently stepped away to focus her attention 100% on Girls Gone Strong and her personal website,
Her personal mission is to, ”Help women discover and accept what their best body looks and feels like with minimal time and effort, and to help them give themselves grace and compassion about it.”

You can find out more about Molly by visiting her website, and you can keep up with her latest adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Molly will be covering:

  • Forming renewed human body belief systems – breaking the cycle that’s holding you back
  • Why creating peace with your body will get you better fat loss results
  • Less is more: The counter-productive wellness & metabolism trend of working out too much
  • Understanding your body – When to compete, workout hard & “push” & when not to

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The Fitness Industry Metabolic Damage Epidemic: Why Your Athletic Coach Can’t Heal Your Thyroid & Metabolic Disorder

Danny Johnson, MS, CPT

Danny-J is the owner of The Sweaty Betties: an “irreverent group of women who are looking to get fit and have a whole lot of fun along the way.”

Danny-J’s fans (The Sweaty Betties) are wildly enthusiastic about listening to someone who isn’t afraid to put some of the diet and exercise myths on blast. Danny-J was a national level fitness, figure and bikini competitor for 4 years. She learned the ins and outs of the fitness industry and some of the “secrets” of how cover-models get their physiques.

Danny’s passion in fitness lead her all the way through a Master’s program in Health Promotion and Exercise Science at California University of Pennsylvania. She holds numerous certifications for personal training and weight-loss and is an accomplished trainer, helping dozens of clients lose OVER 100 lbs. and helping 1,000’s of clients live healthier lives in her 8+ years training.

She learned that sweating and having fun go hand in hand and she wanted to reach out to others and share her experience. Her goal is to help as many people as possible learn the truth about nutrition and how to live a full, balanced and happy life.

Danny will be covering:

  • The thyroid & metabolism pitfalls of the fitness industry
  • Why you shouldn’t use fitness competitions as a means to control your weight
  • The “Metabolic Damage Epidemic” in the fitness industry & why it’s happening
  • Why athletic coaches and fitness professionals are not professionally qualified to “fix” your thyroid & metabolism Issues

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Leaving The Stress of Diet & Weight Loss Mentality Behind

Sheila Viers

Healthy living advocate Sheila Viers is the Creator of ROCK Your Dream Body and CEO of the premium gym bag brand, Live Well 360. Renowned for her practical and intuitive self-love philosophy, Sheila’s journey began a decade ago when she decided it was time to end her struggle with emotional eating and self-sabotage for good.

After years of yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and issues ranging from food sensitivities to hormonal problems, she learned how to get out of “body jail,” lost 35 pounds, and now teaches women how to create this freedom and ease in their own lives.

Today Sheila’s passion is to help women feel amazing in their skin along the way to the greater vision that they see for themselves. Her vision extends far beyond weight loss and her unique ability to inspire women to step into their potential, by ROCKIN’ their dream body and in turn, their dream life, is catching fire.

Sheila believes that together, women can change how we view ourselves and each other so that we can embrace our perfectly imperfectness, shine our light, and allow ourselves to experience the love and happiness that we all crave and deserve.

Sheila will be covering:

  • Mindset foundations to self-care & loving your body
  • Movement vs. exercise: Why your body needs a lot less exercise than you’re doing
  • Balancing your male vs. female energy as a women for better wellness
  • Building your “body intuition” for individualized wellness & weight loss

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The Psychology of Weight Loss vs. Wellness

Jill Coleman, MS Nutrition

Jill is the co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Inc, and the owner of JillFit Physiques, a health and wellness brand, focused on mindset. She’s a clinical nutrition consultant with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a BS in Health & Exercise Science from Wake Forest University.

Jill’s 16-year journey in the health and fitness industry began when she got her very first job at a gym just for the free membership at 15.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of education in exercise science and nutrition, fitness competitions, national magazine covers fitness modeling and plenty of business growth.

Jill’s work has been featured in SELF magazine, Family Circle, SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine, and others, and she’s currently a monthly columnist for Prevention magazine (read her columns here).

Jill’s passion lies in coaching in the areas of mindset, body and business, which she does via her elite yearly membership for women, The Best Of You Coaching Club.

Jill lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her husband, Jade and is a huge advocate of rest-based living.

Jill will be covering:

  • Developing a “mentality of rest” for thyroid wellness & fat loss
  • DNC’s : Why you need to know your own unique “daily nutritional commitments”
  • Rest-based recovery and why it may improve your fat loss
  • Letting go of the misinformed fitness mindset that more exercise volume leads to more results & how less fitness can produce more fat loss

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We know two things when it comes to weight loss:

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  2. Behavioral changes DO last. Especially when we own our choices, tune in to our own bodies, and choose a path that feels uniquely authentic to our hearts and own needs. When we follow our bliss, we are in sync with ourselves. The inner conflicts resolve and we can let go of what no longer serves us so we can step into our most powerful self.

Enter Esther Blum’s KISS Habits – designed to Keep It Simple & Sane! KISS includes a 4-week curriculum delivered by voice messages via email. I will walk you through my most successful techniques to help you know EXACTLY what you need to do for yourself each day so that eating becomes a non-event. Buh-bye stress, hello happiness!

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Managing your blood sugar is foundational to managing your hormones, firing up your metabolism, alleviating energy slumps, and sleeping well. And what you eat for breakfast will set the tone for the whole day – it’s the most important meal in blood sugar management. Delicious, easy recipes included.

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